Shana is a  petite ball of energy.  I had called her in because I had a number of closets that were getting dangerous to walk into.  Shana removed everything from the closets and we went though each piece individually with Shana encouraging me to make decisions as to whether to keep, donate or throw the article away.  I couldn't believe how much she was able to organize each closet, to the point that I now show my friends how proud I am of each closet.  I would highly recommend Shana's services.

-Sharyn Ditchik,  January 17 2017 

I was having a difficult time selling my home, it was a mess from trying to get some of it out and into the next place.  I also work full time, so when I heard about Shana I was relived!! I had her do staging of the living room area and the dining room.  Her eye for where to hang the art work and make the room a focal point was just what we needed.  She did such a great job, it definitely helped.  I never really knew how important it was to have a home staging until it was my turn to be the seller.  I called her with only a few days notice but she made it work.  She is very professional and worked diligently, I couldn't have spent better money.  Not only did it help attract potential buyers but we have found one!!  I'm having her help me get the new place together at the end of this month.  I'm very excited to see what she does with my dining and living room in the new house!!  She cleared a lot of the clutter away, brought some things into the room I didn't have there before,  she made so much look like much less...

-Candace Hills,  June 17 2016

Totally reorganized my laundry room.  Now I can see everything, it is perfectly organized!!  I want her to do more, next project my pantry!! Could never have managed it myself!!  It was a revelation and transformation!  So many unique ideas and beautifully done!  Very professional and super service!

Happy Client,  July 16 2016

I just recently got married and received loads of amazing kitchen gadgets, cookware, serving platters, cutlery, glasses,,,you name it.  I was overwhelmed and needed help reorganizing my kitchen cabinets and drawers.  Shana was a lifesaver; she gave me some amazing suggestions on things necessary to keep or donate any duplicates.  I no longer have to dig through my drawers to find the exact utensil I am looking for.  The best is I am not attacked by all my plastic good storage containers once I open the cabinet!!! She went shopping with me to pick out certain items to keep my cabinets and drawers organized.  The tips she provided on the organizing products to keep things tidy was paramount!  

‚ÄčLisa Rose,  July 4 2016

organizing solutions by shana             servicing delray beach & the tri-county area

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